Schlagseite #64 – 14. Oktober 2009 mit Matt

… an interview with “Thee Vicars”, new tracks from The Horrors, The Rakes, The Baddies, Even The Undertones. And lots of other bands that begin with “The”. All of this VERY LOUD.

Schlagseite #65 – 28. Oktober 2009 mit Anne und René

  1. Slayer – psychopathy red (World Painted Blood, Sony)
  2. Evangelista – the slayer (Prince of Truth, Constellation Records)
  3. Glorytellers – concaves (Atone, Southern Records)
  4. The Black Heart Procession – rats (Six, Temporary Residence)
  5. Vic Chestnut – society sue (Skitter on Take Off, Vapor Records)
  6. Tyondai Braxton – uffes woodshop (Central Market, Warp)
  7. Barzin – nobody told me (Notes to an Absent Lover, Monotreme Records)
  8. Daniel Johnston – freedom (Is as always was, High Wire Music)
  9. Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson – the sound (Summer of Fear, Saddle Creek)
  10. Loch Lomond – wax and wire (Night Bats, Hush Records)
  11. Imaad Wasif – priestess (The Voidist, Tee Pee Records)
  12. Elvis Perkins in Dearland – slow doomsday (The Doomsday, Beggars Records)
  13. The Low Anthem – oh my god, charlie darwin (Oh my God, Charlie Darwin, Nonesuch Records)