Schlagseite #93 – 12. Januar 2011 mit Lorenz und René

  1. Screaming Females – wild (Castle Talks, Don Giovanni Rec.)
  2. Iron & Wine – walking far from home (Kiss Each Other Clean, 4AD)
  3. J Mascis – not enough (Several Shades of Why, Sub Pop)
  4. The Asteroid #4 – Wild Opal Eyes (Hail To The Clear Figurines, The Committee To Keep Music Evil)
  5. Wolf People – silbury sands (Tidings, Jagjaguwar)
  6. Der Rote Bereich – love me tender (Love Me Tender, Act)
  7. Maserati – we got the system to fight the system (Pyramid of the sun, Golden Antenna)
  8. Mogwai – san pedro (Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will, Rock Action Rec.)
  9. Arbouretum – destroying to save (The Gathering, Thrill Jockey)
  10. The Heligoats – a word from our sponsor (Live free and let loose, Greyday Records)
  11. God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman – comfort and oi (A Vedry Steampunk Christmas, Leather Apron)
  12. L’Altra – winter loves summer sun (Crooked House, Acuarela Discos)

Schlagseite #94 – 26. Januar 2011 mit Lorenz und René

  1. Rolling Stones – gimme shelter
    Background: Merry Clayton
  2. Delfonics – ready or not here I come (can’t hide from love)
    Background: Wilbert & William Hart, Randy Chain
  3. Lou Reed – satellite of love
    Background: Karen Friedman, Dari Lalou, Casey Synge (The Thunderthights)
  4. Sisters of Mercy – temple of love
    Background: Ofra Haza
  5. Carly Simon – you’re so vain
    Background: Benjamin Simon Taylor
  6. Billy Bragg – way over yonder in the minor key
    Background: Natalie Merchant
  7. Björk – oceania
    Background: u.a. Kim Chandler
  8. Isaak Hayes – theme of shaft
    Background: Pat Lewis, Rose Williams, Telma Hopkins
  9. Leonard Cohen – first we take manhatten
    Background: Sharon Robertson, The Webb Sisters